Who knew?

Who knew?

Beni and I were married 35 years ago. If someday I lose my mind and tell all about myself here, you’ll know why that is such a miracle. This photo was taken a month or so before our wedding in 1978.

Beni has taught me what love is. It isn’t passion, sex, fun vacations, or complete agreement. Love as Beni gives it to me is the assurance:

that I (eventually) will be forgiven,

that I have a constant best friend,

that I can be known pretty thoroughly and still be wanted.

that I can be myself, and be by myself, yet still be part of an external two, and

that I have someone to laugh with as the stairs get harder to climb.

And Beni has taught me indirectly what a joyful mystery is the infinite love that God has for me.

I’m blessed. I love Beni.


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