18 Years and Counting

18 Years and Counting

This is a photo I took last night. It shows the altar of the Perpetual Adoration Chapel. The Chapel is part of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Winchester, Virginia, a parish neighboring my own.

For more than 18 years, lay parishioners (and lay visitors) have been present – at least one each hour – 24/7. Think about that! 18 years. At least one person per hour (and usually two people each hour from 6 am to midnight). 24 hours each and every day. What an amazing – miraculous – witness of faith.

I began participating last June when I signed up for the 2am – 3am hour each Wednesday morning. That hour each week blew my cynical socks off. So I signed up a month ago for another hour, the 3am – 4am on Mondays (I’m a night owl).

It’s changed my life.

As we used to say in school, “Laudetur Jesus Christus in aeternum. Amen”


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