The Geezer Wonders. . .

The Geezer Wonders. . .

I’ve been thinking lately about blogging. Specifically, I wonder if this isn’t an exercise in narcissism for me. Others have lots to say in their blogs, things that are culturally current, politically pertinent, funny. My blog is none of those things. Instead, I see it as a public navel-gazing that might interest me, or maybe my kids, but no one else.

So now I find myself navel-gazing about navel-gazing. How screwed up is that?

I think part of my problem is that I haven’t set goals for my blogging. Do I want to write once in a while about things that interest/anger/obsess me? Do I want the blog to be a public diary so that my 67-year-old memory can have help in its struggle to keep on top of things? What do I want this to be?

I like the idea of a disciplined writing schedule that will force me to think about my life and, more importantly, make me try to express those thoughts clearly in writing. When I was a freshman in college, my Freshman Comp teacher, Fr. Eric Kyle, OFM, made is write an essay every week on any topic we liked. Essays were due to him every Monday. I think back on those essays and I am amazed at how creative some of ours were, even some of mine. Possibly a self-imposed regimen would do something similar for me. It would get me back to the habit of writing and attempting in that writing to be clear, to the point, and, maybe, a tad creative.

So what will my regimen be? Once a week? Once a day? I’ll have to think some more about that.

Peace and every good thing!



One thought on “The Geezer Wonders. . .

  1. I am thrilled to have I found a blog that worked the term ‘navel-gazing’ into a post. How deliciously unique! I sympathize with your pondering. As a new blogger I wonder where I should or should not apply discipline to myself. I was an english major in college, so I am enjoying once again creating weekly essays, as you mentioned. From what little I know of you, I have faith that you will find the correct pattern and footing through this crazy blogosphere. I found you through your Liebster Award nomination by Peter. I can see why you were nominated!

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