GMCLA: “He Ain’t Heavy”

Is it cheating to use a video for a blog entry? Regardless. . .

I’ve been thinking a lot today about my friend, Myron Maye. He and I were musical partners (and pretty good together, in my prejudiced opinion). . . Myron on piano, I on organ. He was a great musician, and a great friend. He also taught me a lot about music. He died in 2004 of brain problems directly caused by AIDS. I think of him every day. I miss him. He was my brother in so many ways. He cared about me. He was as honest with me as one human being can be with another. He was brave as he got weaker and weaker. I never heard him say anything remotely self-pitying. He loved God and thanked God every day for the men who had been in his life, for his talents, for his friends, and for his family.

This rendition of “He Ain’t Heavy” is by the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, many of whose members had friends and lovers very much like Myron. You can see the loss in some of the faces.

I felt like a little cry this evening after remembering Myron for so much of the day, so I watched this video. I hope you enjoy. . . if anyone reads this!

Pax et bonum,



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