Good morning

Good morning

Tuesday, 1/28/2014
Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas

Wow! It’s a beautiful and cold new day! Mornings remind me, as Pope Francis preaches, that God never gets tired of being merciful to me. I always have a fresh start with God.

Mornings also remind me how important light is. Humans are like flowers, turning sunlight into vitamin D, without sufficient amounts of which we all would get sick and die.

I saw the film, Gravity,” last night. How amazing a film it is! I loved Sandra Bullock’s performance – who knew she had that in her! But the message I take away from the movie is, as usual, a weird one. When she is in danger of dying, she says that she never learned to pray and she realizes that she has no one to pray for her after she dies. As of now, I’m adding to my prayer list those people who have died whom no one will remember or pray for.

It’s gonna be a good day!

Peace and love,



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