The Gay Geezer Fails

The Gay Geezer Fails

I was getting dressed to go to church for confession last night when I chickened out. The thought of going back over 36 years of my life scares the spit out of me. Maybe I should see a shrink who is also a priest. I never have any trouble telling my secrets to s shrink.

Pax et bonum.




One thought on “The Gay Geezer Fails

  1. My Catholic partner of over 20 years feels the same way. He’s in his 60s now. I have suggested to him before to go to a different church to do his confession if he feels awkward doing it at his regular church, but he hasn’t taken up that suggestion yet. I hope he will one day if he decides he wants to do it after all, if it would give him better peace of mind, and I wish the same for you too.

    Pax et bonum.

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