The Geezer Prays for Christopher

The Geezer Thins about Christopher

This is Christopher. He has leukemia. He has been treated for this for several years. He’s had chemo and other “interventions,” but the disease persists. His current problem is a spleen inflamed by the disease. This inflamed spleen is intensely painful. Christopher says that this pain is about the worst that he has experienced. His doctors are putting him in the hospital so that they can give him stronger pain medication intravenously.

He’s younger than I am. . . but then so is just about everybody. He’s had a life full of ups and downs. He’s gay. And, to me, beautiful.

I ask God to ease his pain, to fill him with peace, and to bring him back to a semblance of normal life. Christopher—the Christ bearer—is a gentle, loving, and giving man. I want God to touch him in a powerful way tonight.

Pax et bonum.



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