The Geezer Wonders if God Hates Him

The Geezer Wonders if God Hates Him

Does God hate? The Westboro Baptists would have me think that God does hate, and that, specifically, God hates me, a “fag.” The gay issue aside, I’m just not sure that God hates at all.

“God is love, “ St. John tells us. God’s very essence is love. Can such an essence coexist with hate? I spent my adoration prayer time at our Adoration Chapel this morning thinking about God, God’s love, and the possibility of God’s hatred.

I have forgotten what theologians teach about this question. Based on Sacred Scripture, they probably admit the attribute of hatred to God’s nature. I’ve long ago stopped depending on theologians, however, for my sole understanding of God. I believe God wants me to come to know God through my personal relationship with the God whose most intimate revelation is to the soul who seeks God and seeks to adore and worship God.

I believe in sin. I believe in Satan. These beliefs, along with the Genesis account of the creation of free will in human beings, make me see evil, or sin, as a person’s choice of evil over good, of the basic sin of idolatry in which a human being puts God second to something that is not in God’s will for us.

I believe that a person who chooses something else—anything else—before God is choosing to reject the will of God and the love God has for those who live in God’s will. The result of that idolatry is separation from God. The separation occurs not because of God’s lack of love, God’s wish for separation, or God’s hatred, but because of the idolater’s choice, the idolater’s rejection of the love of God. God’s love persists, perfect and unending, but, as in an unrequited human love, the love relationship is broken by the idolater’s choice not to return to God the love that is God’s due.

I believe God’s love for each of God’s creatures is constant and unchanging. I don’t believe that God hates anything that God has made. . . God looked on God’s creation and saw that it was good. If there is no love connecting a human being to God, it isn’t God who has changed, but us. God is love. God cannot hate what God has made. The Westboro Baptists have it wrong.

Pax et bonum.



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